About Us

The Access to Knowledge Foundation (A2KF) is a non-profit organization committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive global academic network. Our mission is to transcend the barriers of geography, language, and economic or social constraints that oden impede the free flow of knowledge. We believe in the fundamental right to access knowledge, a right that has the power to uplift individuals and communities worldwide.


At A2KF, our core values are rooted in the belief that knowledge is transformative. We stand firm in our conviction that access to education and information is a right, not a privilege. Our initiatives and objectives are shaped by this belief, as we strive to bring our vision of a more informed and empowered world to life.


A2KF translates its values into acBon through two primary pathways. The first is our innovative, global mentorship program, creating a dynamic digital space for learners to engage with experienced scholars and seasoned professionals. Our sophisticated matching platform ensures that each mentor-mentee pairing is founded on synergy and potential. The second pathway is our offering of open-access online courses in critical areas of humanities and social sciences. These 3 courses, led by expert scholars and industry professionals, not only enrich knowledge but also offer micro-credentials, providing tangible recognition of learning achievements.


The roots of A2KF lie in the professional journey of a law academic, whose experiences in prestigious institutions across the global North and South inspired the foundation's mission. This journey, from the academic ‘center’ to the ‘periphery’, led to the creation of A2KF, in collaboration with like-minded academic nomads, to bridge the knowledge gap and ensure equal access to quality learning opportunities worldwide.


A2KF has evolved into a pioneering hub for collaboration, exchange, mutual support, and knowledge sharing, thanks to the support of numerous academics and students who share our ideals. We are a vibrant, adaptable organization that continually evolves to meet the needs of our members and the broader academic community.


Looking forward, A2KF is committed to expanding its reach and enhancing its effectiveness. We actively seek partnerships with organizations, institutions, and individuals who share our commitment to bridging the knowledge gap. These collaborations are crucial in amplifying our impact and cultivating a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse academic landscape.

Meet the Founding Director

Meet the Founding Director

At the helm of A2KF's journey stands Dr. Thomas Skouteris, the founding director whose vision and dedication have been pivotal in shaping the foundation's direction. Dr. Skouteris brings with him a wealth of experience from his distinguished career in international law and academia. His journey, marked by a deep commitment to educational equity and a passion for knowledge sharing, has been the cornerstone of A2KF's mission. However, the true strength of A2KF lies in its collective spirit. Dr. Skouteris is the first among equals in a diverse team of dedicated professionals, mentors, and instructors who together drive the foundation's initiatives. This collaborative ethos is at the core of everything we do, ensuring that A2KF remains a dynamic and inclusive platform for learning and growth.