Online Courses

Our Online Courses comprise the second core element of A2KF's educational mission.

Why Online Courses? Throughout various stages of our careers and educational paths, many of us seek the opportunity to be taught by and interact with instructors of global repute and unique experience. Often, these esteemed instructors are difficult to access due to geographical distances, affiliation with institutions behind paywalls, or their exclusive involvement in long-term programs like university degrees. A2KF's mission is to bridge this gap by connecting such distinguished instructors with audiences who would not typically have access to them. In doing so, we not only bridge the knowledge gap but also further our commitment to educational equity.

Here is the main characteristics of our courses, which embody the spirit of the Foundation:

  • Free and Accessible: Our courses are tuition-free, embodying our belief in education as a transformative force. We maintain specific admissions criteria to foster a dedicated and active student body.
  • Live Interaction: Experience the dynamism of synchronous, online learning. Engage in real-time discussions and activities, facilitated by our expert instructors.
  • Diverse Course Formats: Our courses vary in length and format, ranging from intensive 2-hour sessions to comprehensive 10-hour modules, catering to different learning styles, topics, and schedules.
  • Multilingual Offerings: Embracing our global community, we provide courses in various languages, ensuring inclusivity and broader access.
  • Micro-Credentials: Upon completion, participants receive micro-credentials, acknowledging their skill development and knowledge enhancement.
  • Expert-Led: Learn from a diverse array of instructors, including academics, professionals, and international civil servants, each bringing unique perspectives from different geographical and cultural backgrounds.
  • Intimate Learning Environment: With a cap of 30 students per course, we ensure an intimate and interactive environment, promoting a shared pursuit of knowledge.
  • Wide Range of Topics: Courses cover cutting-edge issues, including ongoing global situations, skill-building, and career orientations, led by experts in various professions.

The Online Courses platform will be available in February 2024.